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Happy Tails

We love sharing stories about dogs and cats that have been adopted and found a forever home.  Enjoy these Happy Tails.  Will you be next?  Adopt a Pet today!

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We adopted Ruby from the Steele County Humane Society four years ago.  She was shy and a little withdrawn for a few months and now she follows us around and love to cuddle and go on two mile walks.  Ruby is one of our kids and we wouldn't imagine life without her  - Ruby's Family


This is Oakley, originally her name was Bennie when we adopted her from your organization three years ago.  She was a very shy, timid nine month old puppy who always had her tail between her legs. She has now grown to never stop wagging her tail.  She loves to fetch and listens very well.  She is bell trained, knows all commands and puts her paw up to say goodbye to guests - very smart.  She is our baby now but soon has to make room for a human sister.  Oakley is well loved and taken care of, thank you for our blessed Oakley. - Oakley's Family

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